Equipment Financing

Lease or Finance the Equipment Your Business Needs

Are you getting ready to purchase more equipment for your business? Before you go out and commit a huge chunk of your money to a new backhoe or an office full of desktop computers, consider looking into the equipment financing program we offer here at Sterling Commercial Capital LLC. This program is highly beneficial because it can help you gain immediate access to whatever equipment you require while paying for it over a period of time.

Most equipment leasing and financing applications require no financial statement as long as you’re applying for $150,000 or less. We also honor requests up to $500,000 with qualifying financials.

Our Equipment Programs

We have several different programs that can help you gain access to equipment for an affordable monthly payment. They include:

  • Government and Municipal Programs: These leasing programs are granted to all sorts of government and municipal programs from the armed services to public schools. If you represent a state or federal government or municipal entity, we guarantee you’ll be approved.
  • Startup Programs: New businesses typically have limited credit histories and extensive equipment needs. Our startup programs make it easier for new businesses to qualify to finance their equipment.
  • Second-Chance Programs: There’s always an opportunity to change and improve your situation, especially when it comes to your credit score. If your score precludes you from traditional financing, ask us about our second-chance financing programs.
  • Sale and Lease-Back: If you have equipment but are struggling with your financial situation, consider letting us buy your equipment from you temporarily. You’ll get paid immediately for it but won’t lose access to it if you sell it to us through our sale and lease-back program. As soon as we buy it from you, we’ll lease it back to you.

If you need equipment for your organization, contact our offices today.