Healthcare Financing

Improve Your Medical Practice with Flexible Financing

A medical practice is just like any other type of business and requires the right type of financing to grow successfully. Healthcare financing from Sterling Commercial Capital LLC helps medical professionals such as chiropractors, veterinarians, primary care physicians, and dentists obtain the funding they need to create a thriving practice.

Benefits of Healthcare Loans

If you receive a loan from us, we do not report your application to personal credit bureaus. You don’t have to worry about your personal credit score being affected by receiving a healthcare loan from us. Additional benefits include flexible loan periods of up to 72 months and no upfront payments required.

Uses for Medical Financing

You may use the money you receive from a healthcare loan in any way that will benefit your medical practice. Not only can you use the cash as working capital, but you can also use it to buy out a partner and acquire a practice or for debt consolidation. It can also be used to purchase equipment and machinery to keep your practice operating smoothly.

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Sterling Commercial Capital LLC offers healthcare financing to help you build a thriving medical practice. Contact us today to discuss terms and see if you qualify for this avenue of financing.